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Related article: As observed in the article on " Saddles " which appeared in Baily's Magazine for November, evidence is wanting to show that stirrups in any form were used before the opening years of the seventh century. The earliest parent of the modern stirrup, so far as old drawings enable us to judge, was a triangle of iron or brass, straight as to the sides, or " legs," to use the technical term, with a tread no wider than the legs and guiltless of " eye " ; the thong by which the stirrup de- pended from the saddle being simply passed through the angle. In the days of heavy armour, the stirrup was a ponderous article, wide in the tread to receive the mailed foot of the horseman, shallow, and having the Flonase Generic Price legs of increasing width from the point where the eye is now pierced, to the tread. Their shape suggests endeavour to protect the foot from stroke of sword or axe. The stirrup used on the hunting saddle of the middle ages was often a light ring, flattened to accommodate the sole, and so small that it must have been an easy matter to get the iron wedged home on the instep. At the beginning of the eighteenth century the hunting stirrup was Flonase Generic Cost made somewhat after the modern cavalry pattern, with the legs bowed outwards from the tread ; at a later period this outward curve was Generic Flonase Nasal Spray dispensed with, Flonase Canada and Alternative To Flonase for over Order Flonase Online a hundred years the hunting stirrup has maintained very much the shape now familiar to us. Mr. Wilton, the well-known saddler, Flonase Nasal Spray Generic has an exact copy in bronze of a safety stirrup which belonged to Charles Edward Stuart Flonase Rxlist (fig. i). This is probably the first thing of the kind ever made. It is rather smaller than an ordinary hunting iron; the tread is hinged to one leg and pierced at the other end to re- ceive the slotted extremity of the free leg, which is caught by a spring underneath. This spring is operated by a thin iron hoop Fig. i.— Charles Edward Stuart's Flonase Coupons Printable Iron. corresponding Flonase 0.05 to the stirrup in size and shape ; the hoop rises from the tread at an angle, and when pressed home to the stirrup, as would happen were the rider to fall and get his foot jammed, releases the spring under pressure on the tread. This contrivance was obviously invented by a prac- tical horseman who knew, perhaps by sad experience, how the foot sticks in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred : an item of useful knowledge not possessed by all modern inventors. Another old safety stirrup is the "side gape" BA1LYS MAGAZINE. 1 86 iron {fig. 2), made at least fifty years ago ; in this the central lon- gitudinal section of the trend and one ieg to within an inch or two of the eye for the leather, is in one piece, a pivot at the angle holding it to the outer portion of the tread. The pressure of the foot and a spring keep the stirrup closed ; but pressure upon the pivoted leg from within opens it, releasing the imprisoned foot. Few people know how many safety saddle bars, attachments and stirrups have been invented Fig. a.— Side Gape Iron. during the last Cheap Flonase twenty or thirty years. The large majority dis- play infinite mechanical cunning combined with large ignorance Flonase Alternative of horsemanship ; but, oddly enough, a few of the least efficacious con- trivances have originated in the brains of men who are known as bold and straight riders to hounds. The Buy Generic Flonase aim of every inventor of saddle bars is of course to devise a contrivance that shall retain the leather safely in place while the rider is in the saddle, and shall allow the leather to escape in case of accident. The multitude of patents granted for such devices [March prove the exceeding difficulty of making an attachment to fulfil these conditions ; and while horse- men, regardless of inventors' feelings, continue to discover new methods of falling, there is little prospect of contriving an infallibly satisfactory saddle bar— or stirrup for that matter. The man who invented a sys- tem of making saddle Flonase Alternatives bars safe by an arrangement of bolts or pins fastened to lines which could be Flonase Acne " gathered with the reins or attached to the person," did not know his public. Most of us would rather take our chance of being dragged than appear at the meet with two mysterious cords creeping unostentatiously from Purchase Flonase Online our waist-belt to Flonase Ns the saddle bars. The plan was Flonase Generic Name by no means a bad one in its practical aspect ; but there was a shade too much "pre- paredness " about the arrange- ment to render it acceptable. It savours overmuch of the spirit which induced a certain aspirant to fame between the flags to weigh out on an Indian racecourse in a big turban instead of the orthodox cap. He had heard that it was " a capital thing in case of a spill." It would be hard to say whether safety saddle bars or safety stirrups are the more numerous. For the last ten years these ap- pliances have appeared at an average rate of about one per month, and the amount of inge- nuity that has been squandered on intricate pieces of mechanism is really astonishing. Occasion- ally there has been a small epi- demic of inventiveness ; in May and June, Flonase Generic Equivalent 1883, no fewer than eight new patents for saddle bars were granted ; but the fact that the unusually large number of five fatal hunting accidents had been reported in the columns of the Field during the season 1882-3, BARS AND STIRRUPS: SAFETY AND OTHERWISE. 'S99-! may have stimulated attention to safety devices. These safety bars and attach- ments vary much Flonase Discount in the method by which their inventors strive to reach their ideal. The simplest form suitable for men's saddles, and perhaps the best known, is Weston's (fig. 3) ; it consists of a steel key or flap, which is passed over the saddle bar, while the buckle for the stirrup leather is hinged to it. This attachment is unlikely to be dislodged so long as the rider retains his seat, but it parts company with the saddle freely and promptly if the falling